VICIbox .iso Installation Manual

VICIbox is *.iso server package for VICIDIAL.

The current release of VICIbox server is ViciBox 8.1.2. This version includes offline as well as online installation method, full OpenSuSE server install, various SIP and Vici utilities, and other improvements. ViciBox is currently built with the following:

  • OpenSuSE Leap v.15.1 64-bit
  • Kernel v.4.12.14
  • Asterisk v.13.27.0-vici
  • DAHDI v.2.11.1
  • LibPRI v.1.6.0
  • Amfletec VoiceSync v.1.3.8
  • OpenR2 v.1.3.3 for MFC/R2 support
  • ViciDial SVN revision 3133 – Version 2.14-718a Build 190902-0839
  • Multi-Server “Cluster” support to automatically configure new servers
  • Expert mode available for options such as MySQL Slave, SVN Revision, etc
  • Simplified “express” installation option for single server setups
  • Integrated firewall with and White/Dynamic/Black IP ACL
  • Integrated dynamic portal to allow dynamic remote access through firewall
  • Automated G729 and G723 codec installation
  • Certbot set-up script for SSL certificate
  • WebRTC ViciPhone ready

While it is highly advised to have basic Linux skills when installing VICIbox server, it is not required. If you follow Installation Manual you should end up with a fully functioning VICIDIAL system.

VICIbox Server is maintained by the Vicidial Group, the active maintainers of the VICIDIAL call center suite.

NOTE: If you want to do Scratch Installation of latest Vicidial version with Asterisk 13 on CentOS 7, visit SCRATCH INSTALL MANUAL page.