Versions Verified: Vtiger Open Source 7.1 Vicidial 2.14b0.5, Build 181005-1738, SVN 3051, DB Schema 1561 Features Working: Inbound dialer call screen pop existing Lead/Contact/Prospect/Organization in Vtiger. If "Entity" does not exist in Vtiger it will insert new Lead.Inbound dialer call logging in Vtiger.Outbound dialer call functions the same as feature # 1.Outbound dialer call logging … Continue reading VTIGER INTEGRATION WITH VICIDIAL STEPS

VICIdial Scratch Install CentOS 7 & Asterisk 13

This is a complete guide for vicidial scratch installation on CentOS 7 and Asterisk 13.It is assumed that you have freshly installed CentOS. Update OS & Reboot yum -y update reboot Install Dependencies & Reboot yum -y install epel-release yum install -y kernel* yum install -y kernel-devel yum install -y httpd php-common php-pdo php php-pear … Continue reading VICIdial Scratch Install CentOS 7 & Asterisk 13